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Always permanent road repair – for all seasons; for all type of damages!

A range of products for all type asphalt repairs.

Asphalt Repair – flexible and permanent road repair asphalt.



We sell and hire road maintenance machinery. Interested in unique road maintenance systems for the Nordic conditions? Do contact us for a consultation.


We produce permanent road repair materials for the Nordic markets. Our asphalt products require no previous experience of asphalt work or special tools.


Potmix Products is a Swedish asphalt repair manufacturer for the Nordic construction market. Our products are used by contractors, local government and state companies, road associations, and real estate maintenance units. We sell directly to professional users and wholesalers only, but consumers can find our products in DYI stores in all Nordic countries.


Aqua Patch Asphalt launched


Aqua Patch Asphalt, the premium cold lay asphalt repair product, is now available for Nordic customers. The product is the most durable and hardest cold mix asphalt on the market and the only one that truly matches the quality of hot mix asphalt. The asphalt hardens in contact with water and contains no harmful substances nor solvents. Is this the best cold mix asphalt ever produced? Yes, it sure is and we back that up with a unique durability guarantee!

A Potmix & PEAB collaboration in Stockholm has started


Potmix Products and PEAB has commenced a collaboration in Stockholm this winter. With two Potmix Hotbox 5.0 ton thermo-containers, PEAB is able to provide year-round hot mix asphalt works to their customer Stockholm municipality. Contact our sales team for more information on the market’s most qualitative, flexible and economical solution for smaller asphalt jobs.